2013-07-24 15:41:58
How to get Precocious/Chrispy stuff!

This is a simple page, because I am no master at coding. I hope it's informative anyway! Note: It's really hard to keep track of these internal pages, so you come here and see information that is out of date, let me know so I can fix it.

If you ever have a question about anything, contact me at chrispco(at)yahoo(dot).com

Precocious merchandise:

The store is here! - Click here to find the Precocious store! The store is the place to grab the books and original art/comics! As I write this, it is new and slowly being populated. As it evolves, it will make buying stuff much easier, and render much of what follows on this page obsolete.

T-shirts! Tote bags! Other stuff! - I do have a store on CafePress here: http://www.cafepress.com/chrispco. I apologize for the cost of these things, but I simply do not have enough demand to fund cheaper design runs. Still, the designs are pretty rad, right? By the way, I can swap around the design each product features. Ask me and I'll do it for you!

Charms, pins and magnets! - These are usually only available at conventions (see below), but I do offer bundled packs for those who can't travel to see me. When offered, they will be found in the store. You can always contact me and ask about this.

Commissions and streaming:

Commissions all on hold while I deal with some baffling health issues. As of July 2013, streaming is still out, aside from special Kickstarter backer sessions. Small, non-streaming, commissions could open up again in late 2013.

In healthier times, check the front page for commission news, or write me an email if you'd like an update. This page isn't always up to date. (Remind me if it's not.)

I draw various types of commissions, featuring Precocious characters, your characters and sometimes just cute animals! I work mainly with ink on Bristol board, colored with Copic markers, but I do have fun dabbling with watercolors now and then.

When healthy, I like to do weekly commission streams, which allows viewers to watch artwork being made and chat with me throughout the process. My streaming location is over Ustream, here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-sycophant. (If/when I set up streaming alternatives, I will add them here.)

Check the Ustream page and Precocious' front page for exact steaming times. You do not need a Ustream account to chat with me, but I do encourage you to sign up, as you'll get a username and will have the option to follow my stream and get alerts when I'm about to begin. I also occasionally do unplanned art streams, announced over my Twitter account I almost always stream marker work, as watercolors are bit too much of a burden to handle with a camera and live audience.

Depending on my schedule, I will take in-stream Precocious art card commissions! Money talks, guys. I'll always draw paid work over unpaid fun stuff. Make sure you let me know to check my email.

Common commission types, and their current pricing, are as follows:

  • Artist Trading Cards - 2.5x3.5" (6.35x8.89cm) - $15
  • Character convention badges - 3x4" (7.62x10.16cm) - $20
  • half-page marker commission - 6x9" (15.25x22.9cm) - $30
  • Watercolors - 5.5x8.5" (14x21.6cm) - $30
  • Prices increase with complex requests and extra characters.
  • Prices also increase as I improve my skill and exposure, so now's the time, kids!

Want a commission?

Figure out what's right for you. Trading cards usually feature a single character doing some cute thing, while badges feature *your* character showing off, with a name to identify him/her/it. Half-page and watercolor commissions are more flexible, although not as frequently offered. Just know I work clean and I reserve the right to veto an idea if it makes me uncomfortable. These commissions are one character, and I will include a prop or simple background element if reasonable. You can look through my FurAffinity gallery for commission examples.

If you know what you want, send me an email with your request and I will let you know if I can do it, and the time frame I need to complete it. We will then discuss the piece and I will produce some sketches for you. Once you approve a sketch, send the preferred payment via Paypal - using my chrispco(at)yahoo(dot)com email - or pay with a check.

Once I have your funds, I will complete the piece in the promised time frame. (If anything happens to cause a delay, I will let you know.) If you want to see it drawn in a stream, there's a chance I can set up my stream times to match your schedule. If you commission marker work, I'll likely still draw it on a stream night even if you choose not to watch or we can't work out a proper time. It can take up to a week for me to ship your piece once it's completed, because postal runs take time and sometimes I need to grab packing supplies. As these are low price commissions, which only happen after client sketch approval, there are no refunds.

Shipping for trading cards and badges will be in normal stamped envelopes, unless you pay for a shipping upgrade ($2 extra to move to a first class mailer for the USA, $5 extra for international). Trading cards are shipped in a protective case, while badges are shipped in badge holders. Clips or lanyards are not included due to mailing issues. All other commissions are shipped in a flat mailer. For US shipping, I will cover the cost for now, but tips are appreciated as postage prices do add up. It costs $1 extra to ship small pieces internationally, $5 extra for larger pieces. I am not responsible for art lost in the mail. If you want more shipping security, you will have to pay for it.

Purchasing existing work!

If you view a stream, you'll see I have a pile of unclaimed art cards and other pieces. I periodically sell off older portfolio art to make way for new stuff, and those pieces will be offered in the Precocious store.

There will also eventually be ways to purchase original Precocious and Copper Road comics. Stay tuned.


I have begun attending conventions, and these are great ways to meet me and force me to draw fun stuff for you! You can get signed and sketched books from me, the cute Precocious pins, and table commissions! I'd love to see you! (I accept bribes - and, oh look, here's a handy write-up on how to properly bribe a dealer at a con!)

These are my conventions for the rest of 2013:

I'll change this list as the year goes on and I learn more. I'm open to suggestions! Some anime cons could be fun to try, if financially viable. Remember, I live in northern Virginia, so I'm sticking to the east coast.

Ok, that's all I have for now. I wrote this in a text editor without spell check, and I'm too exhausted to review everything. Please drop me an email if you find some errors or omissions here. I didn't come into this thing with a game plan.