2013-09-03 13:38:50
How to say hello!

I love hearing from readers. Your kind words, favs, reblogs, retweets, whatever are fuel that keeps me motivated! Be nice to your friendly cartoonist to keep getting the comics you love! (That goes for every cartoonist. Go say hello to another one and brighten their day!)

Find Chrispy across the internet!

  • @chrispco on Twitter - Twitter is my favorite social media site, and you can find me blathering there all hours of the day. It's great, because I can do quick Twitter "drive-by" visits during work breaks. This is the best way to stay current with Precocious news and keep track of my rapidly-deteriorating mental state.
  • My Sketch Blog - Home to Precocious news and commission sketches. Not as active these days, thanks to Tumblr stealing all the art posts, but it has archives that range back to my fine art days, before Precocious launched. You can see the awkward formative years of the comic if you want.
  • Tumblr - Tumblr is where I like to post silly art, such as doodle comics, fanart stuff and sketchbook pages. At the time of writing this, I post most of my art here. Which means I'm making lots of silly art these days, I guess. May the future have me drawing fancy stuff and spreading it to the quality art sites! (I'll post the best art things on Tumblr too.)
  • Ask me questions! - I used to do Q&A on Formspring, and you can see the archive here, but if I'm doing Tumblr, let's use that ask box! I love getting questions, and I do periodically take sketch suggestions through the box as well. (I don't draw all requests, and it can take a long time before I get to your idea even if I love it, but I love the luxury of having many ideas to choose from!)
  • Chrispy on FurAffinity - This is where a lot of my commission pieces get posted, as I enjoy taking on people's characters with my drawing style.
  • Chrispy on DeviantArt - I use this less than FA, because I don't like the interface as much, but I post a larger variety of art on it when I do use it.
  • Ustream Page - When healthy, I like to hold weekly streaming sessions. These can be pre-paid commission streams or general request nights. I love the interaction and feedback, so if you see a streaming session announced on the front page, come watch and chat with me!

Places to boost Precocious!

  • The Precocious Wiki - It's one of my dreams to have a nice, expansive wiki for my comic. This page hasn't been given much publicity, so there's lots of growth that's needed, but now is the time to make it something special!
  • Precocious on TV Tropes - I take such pride in this page. I love the Tropers who keep it updated, and I get far too much joy when I see the page has grown - especially if Precocious is also getting linked on the corresponding trope pages. It makes me feel like a big man!
  • Precocious DeviantArt Group - Did you make Precocious fanart? Do you want to see Precocious fanart? Do you want to see *my* Precocious art too? Join the group and build the community! Frankly, I don't get enough fanart love, so you have to fix that!
  • Precocious Facebook Group - The closest I have to a Facebook page. I prefer you joining the group rather than directly friending me.
  • The Precocious forum - Here there be dragons...